Automate Your Stop-Loss Quoting to Boost Your Bottom Line


Provide an analytics solution to your advisors and employers that doubles as a plan builder and predictive stop-loss quoting platform.

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Let Data Do the Talking

Guide advisors and employers, both already self-funded or fully-insured, with the data we retrieve from select insurance carriers.

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Ramp Up Your Reporting & Stop-Loss Quoting

With access to robust predictive analytics and an automated plan builder, eliminate the manual work from your stop-loss quoting process for your advisors, and speed up the renewal process to save you time and money.

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Offer Ancillary Products That Are Actually Necessary

With claims and benefit data by your side, coupled with predictive analytics that stratify risk, the platform triggers vendor recommendations for ancillary coverage and other specialty care programs that best fit the needs of a group.

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Build Relationships and Rapport

Join a community of advisors, captives, general agents and PEOs all working toward a unified mission of providing small businesses better access to quality, cost-effective healthcare coverage.


Increase Your Book of Business

Using our Data Retrieval technology, convert your Advisors’ fully-insured clients to self-funded plans by fetching their data from a growing list of fully-insured carriers and shop for competitive stop-loss quotes–with you as the TPA.


Service Plans That Make More Sense

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It’s easier to manage plans when they fit groups perfectly

Work with plans built around data and risk stratification so you can pinpoint areas of need, making it easier to recommend products and programs that deliver the most benefit.

Think Bigger, Spend Smarter


Case Studies
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Community Bank Saves $50,000+

A community bank with 62 employees saved over $50,000 on their health plan by using Rover.

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Coffee Company Saves $164,000+

Find out how a coffee company from Seattle were able to avoid a 40% rate increase.

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graphic featuring Aetna logo

Manufacturing Company Saves $235,000/year

Learn how Rover retrieved claims data to identify gaps in coverage and reduce health plan costs.

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graphic featuring Aetna logo

Medical Clinic Saves $58,000+/year

This New England medical clinic avoided a 16% rate increase.

Learn More

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