Control Your Group Coverage With Total Confidence


Use near real-time data, predictive analytics and side-by-side plan comparisons to give your employees the coverage they actually need without breaking the budget.

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Ulti-Mutt Coverage

No Matter How Small the Business

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Begin with Big Data

Retrieve and assess data on plans from select fully-insured health insurance carriers, all at once, all in one place — with less than a 5 minute time commitment from employees.

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Remove the Guesswork

If you’re not basing your investment on analysis of what benefits your employees need the most, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

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Be Prepared

With the predictive analytics power of WatchDog by your side, you’ll be prepared to address chronic conditions and treatments that may become prominent in your group before they happen.


Get the Coverage That Counts

Choose from pre-built plans from our list of vetted, trusted insurance partners — or customize your coverage options to fit your employees’ actual needs.


Bigger, Better Benefits

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Smaller, Smarter Spend

Large corporations will always have easy access to their data and health insurance plans that fit their sky-high budgets. But for a small business where every dollar counts, finding plans that cover your group’s needs without breaking the bank gets… ruff. So we make it easy.

Think Bigger, Spend Smarter


Switching to Self-Funding

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The data analyzed by the RoverAI Platform lets you determine if the transition to self-funding is right for your business.

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Fetch & Retrieve

Collect data in real time on what healthcare services your employees are using the most with Retriever, capable of fetching comprehensive data from a growing list of fully-insured health insurance carriers.

Analyze & Prepare

Compare your employees’ actual healthcare spend against your current premium coverage, while simultaneously assessing risk with WatchDog Analytics to predict coverage they will need, so you can select next year’s plan with confidence.

Assess & Purchase

Compare your data against pre-built options or obtain quotes for tailor-made plans designed to fit the real, quantified needs of your employees. Vet them, select your plan, and bind coverage all from within our marketplace, called The Lab.

Case Studies
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Community Bank Saves $50,000+

A community bank with 62 employees saved over $50,000 on their health plan by using Rover.

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graphic featuring Aetna logo

Coffee Company Saves $164,000+

Find out how a coffee company from Seattle were able to avoid a 40% rate increase.

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graphic featuring Aetna logo

Manufacturing Company Saves $235,000/year

Learn how Rover retrieved claims data to identify gaps in coverage and reduce health plan costs.

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graphic featuring Aetna logo

Medical Clinic Saves $58,000+/year

This New England medical clinic avoided a 16% rate increase.

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