The Dog Days of Health Insurance Are Gone

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Reinvent the way you purchase health insurance for groups by removing all the guesswork.

Get a transparent view of how employees are using their coverage - and the benefits they’re going to need in the future - then search a marketplace of alternative insurance plans tailor-made to fit their needs.

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What Rover's claims data does for us is it sharpens that pencil, we can adjust our projections accordingly to accurately represent the balance between premium savings and expected claims.

Sean Dennis
Director of Sales,

Rover is so much less invasive, because you're not asking specific health questions, all you do is grant access. I think it's the wave of the future.

Ken Coffey
Director of Regional Development & Sales,

The CEO said, I'll pay all expenses of the heart surgery if we do it at Johns Hopkins. The employee saved $7,000, the company saved $30,000, including flying the person, their family, their dog and staying in a hotel for three days. It all starts with having the data.

Lester Morales
Founder & CEO,

Rover’s data allows a conversation between me and the stoploss carriers to price risk appropriately, and for me to be more strategic controlling costs for my client

Jonathon Trionfi

Our overall experience, I would say it was very smooth and very easy. I really appreciated the work that you guys did in preparing for us, and so that was super easy for me.

Kayla Hoffman
HR Manager,

Rover’s solving a problem that's been around for a long time - medical questionnaires, if you're fully insured, wanting to go self funding, and there's no data available.

Dave Earle
Chief Revenue Officer,

Welcome to the Bark Side

Where Choosing Healthcare
Coverage is Anything But Ruff
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Don’t Stop Retrievin’

Simply and securely access your groups’ healthcare data from our carrier and TPA partners with our Retriever Technology. Quickly identify gaps in coverage, source cheaper medications and steer members to higher quality providers.

Top Dog, Watch Dog

Take a deep dive into member analysis with machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence using our WatchDog Adaptive Intelligence platform that predicts the onset of chronic conditions and their potential progressions. Customize health plans that give your employees the support they need, long before they need it.

Everyone Loves a Lab

Compare pre-built plans matched to your needs in The Lab, our marketplace and plan builder, or source custom quotes from our partner community.

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Assess group member data, gain insights into potential risks calculated by data trends, then choose from a comprehensive list of pre-built or customized alternative health insurance plans that give employees the coverage they actually need.

All without ever leaving the RoverAI Platform.

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Reduce Disease Burden

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Gather & Analyze Claims Data


Stratify Risk

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Reduce Pharmacy Spend

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Save Valuable Dollars

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Customize Coverage

Audio Testimonials

Better Than
A Belly Rub

Alan Haynes

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Alan Haynes

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HR Team

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Karen Goins

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Mike Ramon

Benefits Consultant, Ramon Financial Services,%20Ramon%20Financial%20Services.mp3
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Randy Howell

President, Group Benefit Systems Pt 1,%20Group%20Benefit%20Systems%20Pt%201.mp3
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Randy Howell

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Explore Rover AI Products

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Fetch & Retrieve Data

Securely fetch healthcare data that small to mid-size employers struggle to access or leverage to its full extent.

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WatchDog Analytics

& Prepare

Get a full analysis of member data including plan performance, stop-loss triggers, and provider utilization. Then generate a risk stratification that predicts the onset of chronic conditions to prevent costly medical claims before they occur.

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The Lab

Build & Buy

View side-by-side comparisons of pre-built plans or design your own to fit your groups’ needs. Receive rapid quotes from our partner community to address all aspects of your groups’ medical spend within a single marketplace.

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