Better Serve Your Small Business Clients


Use near real-time data, robust risk stratification and a one-stop-shop marketplace to provide your clients affordable options for alternative health plans tailor-made for their employees.

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Ulti-Mutt Coverage

Made Almost Too Easy

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All accessible in one place, so you can select from pre-built bundles or build custom plans and source quotes faster.

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Centered in Compliance

Healthcare data is securely housed in a fully HIPAA-compliant database and can be analyzed using our Watchdog analytics platform.

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Bone-fide White-Glove Support

Gain access to communication guidance, unlimited tech support, outbound calls to non-enrolled members, group Zoom meetings, translation services, and video instructional assets for a seamless onboarding process.


Rapid Speed From Launch to Quote

Our average project time is less than 2 weeks from initial data retrieval to analysis, and you can expect quotes back in as little as 5-10 days.


Unexplained Rate Increases Are Way Too Common

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Protect your clients from climbing rates with access to claims data

Fully-insured carriers can raise rates seemingly out of nowhere, because they’re not obligated to share the numbers with your clients to justify it. The Rover AI Platform gives you transparent access to a group’s healthcare data, state of health, cost burden and plan performance, so you can prevent clients from wasting valuable dollars.

Think Bigger, Spend Smarter


Seamlessly Transition Clients Away from Fully-Insured

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Determining if an alternative health plan like self-funding is right for your client can only be done well with data. The Rover AI Platform retrieves the necessary fully-insured claims data, analyzes it in near real-time, and gives you the tools to decide with total confidence.

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Fetch & Retrieve

Collect data in near real time on what healthcare services plan members are using the most with Retriever, capable of fetching data from a growing list of fully-insured carriers including Humana, Anthem and several from BCBS.

Analyze & Prepare

35% of the insured population represents a hidden rising risk for chronic conditions, and every year 18% of patients escalate into the category of high-risk when not properly managed. Gain access to extensive reporting with WatchDog Analytics including State of Health, Cost Burden, Plan Performance, Rx spend, and more. Then utilize our best-in-breed risk stratification tool to predict the onset of chronic conditions in a group so you can prepare for early interventions.

Assess & Purchase

Compare pre-built alternative plans or submit RFPs for custom quotes in a marketplace that puts TPAs, PBMs, Medical Mgmt and Captives all in one dog park — then easily select the coverage most optimal for your client.

Case Studies
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Community Bank Saves $50,000+

A community bank with 62 employees saved over $50,000 on their health plan by using Rover.

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Coffee Company Saves $164,000+

Find out how a coffee company from Seattle were able to avoid a 40% rate increase.

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Manufacturing Company Saves $235,000/year

Learn how Rover retrieved claims data to identify gaps in coverage and reduce health plan costs.

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graphic featuring Aetna logo

Medical Clinic Saves $58,000+/year

This New England medical clinic avoided a 16% rate increase.

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