Start With All the Facts


Administer and negotiate contracts starting with a complete understanding of claims usage requirements.

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Don’t Go Chasing Information

Streamline quotes by starting with fully complete RFPs

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All The Information, All Up Front

Receive fully complete RFPs that aren’t missing any of the facts, cutting down on follow-ups and reach-outs to chase down information.

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Double Down on Stratifying Risk

With the power of predictive analytics on our WatchDog platform, get a comprehensive view of risk analysis for any group to better inform bundles and quotes.

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Build Relationships and Rapport

Cultivate strong rapport and build top notch relationships as a partner in our community of captives, TPAs, and Benefit Advisors.


Rapid Speed from Quote to Close

Our average launch time is under 30 days from quote to close, streamlining your process and adding dollars to your bottom line.


Root For the Underdog

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Support small and mid-size businesses looking to transition to self-funded healthcare coverage.

There are 30.7 million small businesses in the U.S. that collectively spend $700 billion on health insurance annually — 77% of which are fully-insured, despite the fact that there are alternative options available that better fit their group’s needs. Be part of the movement towards giving small businesses transparent access to their group member data, so they can make informed decisions about their healthcare spend.

Think Bigger, Spend Smarter


Fetch & Retrieve

Advisors collect data from group members using Retriever technology, capable of fetching claims, utilization and demographic data from a growing list of fully-insured carriers including Humana, Anthem and several from BCBS.

Analyze & Prepare

The data retrieved is analyzed and reported using WatchDog Analytics, our best-in-breed predictive analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence. It stratifies risk in near real-time, giving you insight into potential chronic conditions within a group to better inform the plans you offer.

Respond & Build Rapport

Before an RFP is submitted, advisors provide all the required information before it ever reaches your desk. Once received, you’ll have all the information you need to respond with the best possible options for the client’s needs, bettering your chance of winning more business.

Case Studies
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Community Bank Saves $50,000+

A community bank with 62 employees saved over $50,000 on their health plan by using Rover.

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graphic featuring Aetna logo

Coffee Company Saves $164,000+

Find out how a coffee company from Seattle were able to avoid a 40% rate increase.

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graphic featuring Aetna logo

Manufacturing Company Saves $235,000/year

Learn how Rover retrieved claims data to identify gaps in coverage and reduce health plan costs.

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graphic featuring Aetna logo

Medical Clinic Saves $58,000+/year

This New England medical clinic avoided a 16% rate increase.

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