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We have a vision for a world where health insurance is purchased by creating risk transparency with data, creating an even playing field for employers. Through a comprehensive marketplace designed to compare alternative healthcare plans, vendors compete for the business of the too-often overlooked and undervalued small and midsize businesses.

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“Our focus is simple, help small businesses get access to quality and affordable health insurance by leveraging their own data.”

Benjamin Prinzing
Founder & CEO, RoverAI

Never Underestimate an Underdog

From the picturesque landscape of Portland, Oregon, we’ve emerged as a catalyst in the health insurance industry. We provide a one-stop-shop solution for employers, Benefit Advisors, TPAs, and MGUs to access data on small groups’ medical claims, then analyze it using our predictive stop-loss analytics and turn it into RFPs for tailor-made, self-funded health plans.

Finding health insurance that suits your workforce has never been easy, but, what if it was easy? What if you only chose from plans customized  to your group’s needs using real data, all within a budget that actually saved you money?

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The RoverAI Platform makes cost-effective, quality health insurance available for small business employers. By securely collecting and carefully analyzing healthcare data from group members, our platform gives employers the opportunity to make informed, affordable healthcare decisions that improve everyone’s bottom line.

“We can never forget who the real customers are, the employers' employees and their families. They are who we're here to serve and make a positive impact on their lives and wallet.”

Kerwynn Prinzing
Chief Customer Officer, RoverAI
Our values

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When health insurance usage is transparent, you can trust you’re making informed coverage decisions based on truth. We want small business employers and Benefit Advisors to have confidence in selecting health insurance that everyone can rely on.

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When the health insurance ecosystem is unified, we can jointly deliver health insurance that’s useful and affordable for employers and Advisors.

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When alternative health insurance is affordable, healthcare becomes more accessible. We believe in alternative health insurance that is cost-effective and made available to all employers and Advisors.

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Our Team

Meet the team

Benjamin Prinzing
Chief Executive Officer
Kerwynn Prinzing
Chief Customer Officer
Nathan Gustafson
Chief Technology Officer
Ben Winfield
VP of Channel Partnerships

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