Streamline Quoting From Start to Finish

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Increase revenue by shortening your sales cycle, bundling packages, and scaling distribution with one comprehensive toolkit.

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Scale Your Book of Business

Build relationships with brokers and Advisors with a robust retrieval solution and a one-stop-shop quoting platform.

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Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Automate your quoting process with our easy-to-use plan builder and curate your own insurance products for your Advisors to shop, all within a custom branded online marketplace we’ll host for you.

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Prevent Missing Data & RFP Errors

Don’t spend time chasing down information. Give your Advisors quoting software that prevents accidental mistakes and bottlenecks during the RFP process.

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Offer Better Bundles

Don’t need to design custom options? Select from a variety of pre-built bundled plans provided exclusively by our marketplace partners, or build your own for your Advisors to use.



Boost Your Bottom Line

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Easily attract new Advisor prospects by equipping them with tools to fetch fully-insured data, analytics to predict future costs, and a plan builder to simplify and expedite their quoting process.

Think Bigger, Spend Smarter


Case Studies
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Community Bank Saves $50,000+

A community bank with 62 employees saved over $50,000 on their health plan by using Rover.

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Coffee Company Saves $164,000+

Find out how a coffee company from Seattle were able to avoid a 40% rate increase.

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Manufacturing Company Saves $235,000/year

Learn how Rover retrieved claims data to identify gaps in coverage and reduce health plan costs.

Learn More

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Medical Clinic Saves $58,000+/year

This New England medical clinic avoided a 16% rate increase.

Learn More

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